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REI Wise

REI Wise

REI Wise develops the most comprehensive real estate software available, facilitating quick, optimal decisions in the real estate market and growth of your real estate business.

Our online software is considered the most advanced analysis tool in the market today, currently in use in over 3,000 offices worldwide.

All our marketing and investment software is designed and developed by financial software specialists with extensive experience; all designed to analyze real estate investments from purchase to resale, a process that can take up to a few years.

Property presentations created by the software are considered the best in the market, competing with large corporations nationwide. Our unique “Propose to CloseTM” approach provides compelling, easy-to-use templates that instantly convert a winning proposal into a mailer, brochure, website, and complete offering memorandum.

Commercial Investment Analysis

  • Determines cash flow and ROI.
  • Transforms information into impressive property presentations.

Commercial Lease Analysis

  • Analyzes and creates comprehensive lease presentations for tenant representation and owner representation.

MarketEdge® Online Publisher

  • Creates financial websites with a click of a button.

Secure Virtual Deal Room

  • Creates a virtual secure deal room, quickly and easily.
  • Seamlessly manage your transaction documents securely online for a more organized and efficient transaction experience to all participants.
The Pavonis Group

“We know what brokers need to operate more efficiently and effectively. Simply put our tools help them win more business and execute more successfully. REI Wise is designed to allow agents to quickly and easily create professional proposals, offerings and analyses, so that they can spend less time with technology and more time with clients.”
John Freyder
REI Wise
, a RealNex Company

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