The Pavonis Group




Create a comprehensive offering of innovative and integrated technology solutions for the global real estate industry.


Leverage our vast knowledge, experience and relationships to deliver economical solutions that improve the efficiency and liquidity of the real estate industry.

The explosion of technology and data availability has created a highly fragmented industry with hundreds of disparate tools used to implement a wide array of processes among a host of industry constituents.

As a result, proper vetting and implementation of the right applications is required, as is the training and adoption of technology to keep pace with the market while keeping current with technology.

Our strategy is to a centralized source to a suite of market-leading solutions that provides a better, more complete toolset for the real estate industry. Our holistic approach allows information to flow seamlessly among market participants, providing more timely and efficient access to better information.

RealNex offers the simplicity, economy of scale, and centralized expertise the market has been demanding. An integrated solution, RealNex allows the real estate industry to contact, transact and leverage data, through a single platform and interface. This holistic solution enables companies to enhance their individual operational efficiencies, while harmonizing data and allowing systems to talk to other systems across the industry.

Our current suite of Solutions include: 

  • CRM and property information management
  • Financial Investment Analysis
  • Comparative Lease Analysis
  • Automated Proposal Generation and Offering Memorandums
  • Comprehensive property marketing tool generation:
       o Websites
       o Brochures, Flash, HTML and pdf
       o Flyers
       o Broker Video Maker
  • Targeted E-marketing campaigns
  • Secure deal rooms
  • Tenant Representation and Landlord/Agency Leasing Transaction Management
  • Hosted and Public Property Listing Systems
  • Regional Economic Development Property and Market Portal

The Pavonis Group

“We recognize that high cost and incomplete solutions have held the real estate market back from effective adoption and implementation of technology. Our holistic approach intends to change that by integrating a comprehensive suite of tools at the lowest possible cost.”
Jeff Finn,
President and CEO,

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