The Pavonis Group



ProHatch is the Crowd's first strategic fundraising and consulting ecosystem.

ProHatch helps real estate investors navigate complex pre-fundraising, fundraising and post- funding activities for:

  • Development
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial properties
  • Residential, multifamily, public sector entities
  • Residential, energy and environmental design
  • Land, agriculture, public spaces and communities
  • Infrastructure, sustainability/green causes
  • And more
The Pavonis Group

“The JOBS act has set in motion powerful changes and a vast new opportunity in property finance. No longer limited to discrete and limited offerings, sponsors can now tap the power of technology to access ‘the crowd’ to fund offerings. Our customers are able to tap our vast pool of qualified investors while benefiting from our teams depth of property and finance expertise.”
Liz Kulik,