The Pavonis Group

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Pavonis Group brings together a group of proven, successful senior real estate industry executives with a passion to drive efficiencies and enhance liquidity in the global real estate market.

Our team includes leaders from the top enterprises in technology, brokerage, institutional investment, banking, valuation and academia. As a unified team, Pavonis Group pursues an investment management strategy built on the pillars of Integrity, Accountability and Knowledge with a positive, dynamic and caring, client centric culture. Upon these core values, we are creating a portfolio of companies and solutions to support the demands of the property industry:

As the global real estate and technology markets undergo dramatic growth and change, the need to integrate capital, expertise, technology and information into one company became apparent. Having already built and run highly regarded institutions, some of the best minds in real estate investment, capital markets, consulting, brokerage, valuation, data, and technology came together to form Pavonis Group — and to create a transformational approach to business, real estate and technology that answers that need efficiently, successfully.

The Pavonis Group

“For many reasons, the real estate industry remains burdened by inefficiencies. At Pavonis Group we strive to continuously seek out new solutions to complex problems. Our disciplined approach leads to innovations which we apply to improve the performance of the industry and our clients...and through our charity 100 Squared the lives of orphans around the world.”
Mark Kingston,
Managing Partner,
Pavonis Group

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