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RealNex Celebrates Successful Inaugural Year, Growth Continues To Accelerate

December 18, 2014

Commercial Real Estate Technology Leader Blending Complementary Service Organizations into One Synergistic Company 

RealNex, the new real estate technology company formed this year by the Pavonis Group, is celebrating a successful 2014 which included the addition of five unique commercial real estate technology services that are now all working together. Initially launched in May 2014, the new software and solutions company has transformed the global real estate market by aggregating and integrating a portfolio of services through one common Software as a Service ("SaaS") business model.  
RealNex, which is led by CEO Jeffrey Finn, began with a vision for change to unite the fragmented commercial real estate industry by combining disparate tools and services into one holistic organization. The company has quickly grown into an unparalleled technology platform for the commercial real estate industry through a series of acquisitions over the last six months, which included:
  • Property Line, a property listing system that markets properties, promotes commercial brokerage companies, provides hosted listing systems and offers powerful marketing tools to the commercial broker.

  • REI Wise, a leading real estate analysis software company that offers a premier “Propose to Close™” solution that streamlines the process of proposal creation, financial investment and comparative lease analysis to the development of flyers, brochures, electronic publications, property websites and secure deal rooms. In addition, RealNex also partnered with Lucernex to provide REI Wise as a technology solution to its LseMod clients.

  • Real Estate Assistant (REA), a leading project, property and client tracking customer relationship management (CRM) system developed by commercial real estate professionals for commercial real estate professionals, including a new “Live” version that debuted at RealComm 2014.

  • Ten Eight, an online portal and an app that is set to revolutionize deals and communications between brokers, landlords and tenants. The online portal allows all parties involved in a leasing transaction to efficiently and instantaneously share communications, eliminating paper correspondence and the need for copious emails.

  • BuzzTarget, a 3-in-1 marketing system for commercial real estate professionals allowing free unlimited listings, targeted email marketing distribution to an organically-grown community of industry professionals, and the ability to manage and distribute to private contact lists.
“When we launched this company, we wanted to create a centralized source of market-leading solutions that would provide a better, more complete toolset for the real estate industry at an incredible value. RealNex is well on its way to realizing the mission of becoming a holistic solution for the commercial real estate professional,” said Finn. “It’s particularly gratifying that we have accomplished all of this in less than a year. RealNex is proud to play a major role in changing the face of commercial real estate and we are solidly positioned for continued growth and expansion next year and beyond as the industry more rapidly embraces technology.”
Finn adds, “Our early success is a testament to the talents and professionalism of everyone at RealNex. We have all committed to becoming a single united company, without the traditional ‘silos’ typically associated with building a unique organization such as this.  We have successfully transitioned from five operating companies to one seamless organization delivering overwhelming value to the industry.”
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About RealNex
RealNex is a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company. It strives to become the portal and marketplace for the commercial real estate industry by acquiring and aggregating leading sector solutions to improve marketplace efficiency, transparency and liquidity with overwhelming value. Its singular solution is designed to improve user success by increasing accuracy, professionalism and productivity, while streamlining activity, enhancing industry collaboration and eliminating redundancies. By consolidating multiple point solutions, RealNex will offer a sector based modules that provide more comprehensive functionality and greater utility while also being easier to use and more affordable to consume.